Another sign of autumn…

…are apples! Apples! I love apples. I eat them the whole year, but they never taste as good as in autumn.

Some weeks – or even months – ago, Dad and I found a pie baking pan in  a shop. It was lying there next to the cash register (yes, where all the things for impulse buying are) and we took it. I never made anything in it. Until today! I got some apples that are perfect to be used for baking (and not really perfect to eat) last week and I decided it was time for my first Apple Pie ever.


I sooo love apple pies. I love apples, I love cinnamon and I love pie crust. So compare everything and you have my perfect drug. I never made them myself because a good friend of the family is the best apple pie baker in the world (yes, I know that, I’m an expert in eating apple pies) and I always thought if I can’t get it that good, I don’t want to do it. But now I have this pie baking pan and I decided that I will do a completely different recipe with a completely different dough for the crust – this way, I can’t be disappointed that it tastes not the same because it just isn’t the same. Ha! It doesn’t even look the same. That’s okay, then.

Doesn’t this look like the most perfect lunch ever?


Yup, lunch. Actually, I don’t eat pies for lunch, but I’m alone at home, I wasn’t in the mood for cooking anything and I wrote an e-mail to Mum saying “Pie is in the oven. No appetite for lunch, what shall I eat?”… She wrote back “Apple pie!”… She’s to blame for me eating unhealthy! But… aaaw, she was so right. I’m in love with it! It’s goooood! The crust is very crunchy and crispy, so it’s better to take it in your hand instead of eating it with a fork. But inside, it’s a bit smooth – I think that comes from the yoghurt in the dough. Doesn’t that sound tasty?

Oh, do you want to know what the coolest part at baking this pie was? I didn’t write down the recipe. And I didn’t print it out. I also didn’t learn it by heart. Nooooo! I turned on my iPod Touch, logged-on to the internet, looked up my recipe – and put the iPod in the kitchen to read the recipe while making the pie. I love my new iPod!

Now for something completely different: Do you know Dragee Keksi? They are chocolate-covered biscuits that are really, really good – I like the ones with milk chocolate best. This year, they had them with Strawberries, but now there is a voting for the new variety next year. Click HERE and do me a favour! Pleeeease, please vote for “Waldbeer-Joghurt” (wild-berry yoghurt). The other options are “Chilli Amarena-Kirsch” (chili Maraschino cherry) and “Banane” (banana). But chili Maraschino cherry sounds gross, doesn’t it? And I just hate chocolate with chili. I also don’t like bananas that much, except with yoghurt or in a milk shake. But I hate chocolate bananas. Right now, bananas are staying ahead, but help me and let wild-berry yoghurt gain the lead! Please! Thank you.

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