Cutting myself an apple break.

I’m sure you know this feeling when everything’s too much and you really need a break. Right now. My break looks like this. Apple Strudel.

Today I woke up after another bad night’s sleep with too much going on in my head. I was tired. I knew I had thousands of more important things to do and to study, but I couldn’t. Today, I decided I was going to take a break. So I wrote my most important mails of the day and went in the kitchen. And then I did what I wanted to do for a month. Bake an apple strudel.

On my balcony, there’s a big box full of apples.

They are good to eat all alone, but I wanted to make more out of them.
So I decided it was time for my first apple strudel. With self-made dough. In Vienna, apple strudel is important – So I should know how to bake one, right?
You should know, strudel dough isn’t the easiest thing to do. That’s why everybody buys it frozen. Why did I do something like that when taking a break? I needed it. I wanted to do this for such a long time, and today I decided it’s the day. Actually, I craved for this little feeling of success when you put something great out of the oven.

But besides the dough, you also have to do something with the apples. Apples make a mess. But you get so many nice apple slices out of them!

Then, back to the dough. I made my little ball of dough, I kneaded it very thoroughly and I decided, I liked it. So it was allowed to rest for a bit.
Then, I rolled it out with my great new rolling pin.

It’s awesome. It’s great to work with, really.

You have to roll out this dough until you can see the dish towel through – it has to be so thin!

And it worked. I really liked the dough.

After that, you can put all your apple slices, mixed with sugar, on it. (Under the slices, you put a bit of breadcrumbs so that the dough doesn’t get too much of the moisture.)

Total apple goodness. But what’s missing here? Right. You know me. Cinnamon.

Then, you roll together the strudel. That’s what you can use the towel for. Don’t be mad, if something like that happens.

Really. Don’t be upset. It can happen. You can learn for next time: Distribute the flour better on the dish towel.

And then, you put this strudel on a baking tray. You brush it with butter to have a crunchy, crusty, yummy outside and bake it.

This is what comes out. This is what my break is about. Apple Strudel.

My feeling of success is here.

Now I’m going to eat a piece of this great Viennese speciality, drink a coffee with that and head to my university lecture. I can’t take the whole day off, right?

(UPDATE: You can now find the recipe for the Apple Strudel in my recipe index.)

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2 Responses to Cutting myself an apple break.

  1. Xenia says:


    I just discovered your blog,and your recipes look fantastic! I could not find the recipe for your apple strudel and your linze tart and i love those two desserts.
    Would you mind posting the recipes in the recipe index or sending me the recipes?

    Thank you

    • musketnuss says:

      Thanks a lot! Of course I’m going to publish the recipes and send it to you, I’m glad you asked. :) It takes me some time to translate them – But the next ones will be those two!

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