Dinner with the Parents: The Starter.

This sunday, my parents came over for a three course menu. And I think they got what they deserved – Really good food.

Set Table / Gedeckter Tisch

Today, I would like to show you the starter of our menu: Bread Crisps with Smoked Salmon and Green Apple Salad.

It’s quite simple, but I wanted to make it perfect. So, I baked my own bread first.

Baking Bread / Brotbacken

My sourdough is still reliable to make great bread and my parents still love it. You can read here how you can make your own sourdough – Nowadays, I use another recipe for the bread, but it’s different every time.

Freshly baked bread is unbeatable – I love it. And that smell!

Baked Bread / Gebackenes Brot

A second loaf of bread also made a great gift for my lovely guests.

Well, now you have fresh bread. Of course, you could also buy bread, but then find a really, really good bakery.

But first, let’s take care of the salad. It’s best to buy little lettuce hearts because they taste great. Then, cut half an apple (I used Pink Lady because of the sourly taste) in thin stripes and jumble everything together. You can season the salad to taste, I used herbal salt, some sweet vinegar (quince) and good olive oil.
Prepare it just some minutes before your guests arrive! You don’t want it to get saggy.

Now to the bread – Make this the moment your guests are there:
Cut as many very thin slices off the bread loaf as you have guests. Toast them in a hot pan with olive oil.
Then, serve them with some pieces of smoked salmon and top it with creamed horseradish.

And that’s it!

Bread crisp with Smoked Salmon / Brotchip mit Räucherlachs

A perfect starter. Stay tuned for main dish and dessert!

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