Where to Eat: Ice cream in Vienna (Top 3)

Eis-Greissler2It’s summer! And it’s time for ice cream. Here are my top 3 of Viennese ice cream parlours for this year – Just my humble opinion, but I definitely recommend trying those three. (Tested with my vanilla loving sweetheart – So vanilla ice cream was tested and approved at every one of them.)

3. Eissalon Mauß
Thaliastraße 155, 1160 Vienna (homepage)
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday from 10am to 10pm


If you don’t live in the neighbourhood, it may be a long way, but it’s great ice cream. Flavours change daily and there are new specials every season. (At the moment, they’ve got “Hugo” ice cream, like the summer drink.) Very popular in this district, and there’s definitely a reason for that.


Favourite flavour: Can’t decide between black currant and almond marzipan – If both are in stock, I always take both. Those are the best, definitely!

2. Ice Dream Factory
Burggasse 68, 1070 Vienna (Facebook)
Opening hours: Monday – Friday from 12am to 9pm, Saturday – Sunday from 10am to 9pm


Shares its venue with the Pure Living Bakery Downtown (see “Where to Eat” - Too bad that they switched the lovely colourful chairs with normal garden chairs) – Great variety of flavours, always new ones that are announced on facebook. Really great ice cream, but even better home-made crunchy wafers!

Favourite flavour: Definitely “Snow White Strawberry” – Unbelievably! It’s cream cheese ice cream with white chocolate brownie and strawberry sauce. It tastes just like a very very yummy cold cheesecake.


1. Eis-Greissler
Rotenturmstraße 14, 1010 Vienna (homepage) (Facebook)
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday from 11am to 11pm

On sunny days, you have to wait for at least half an hour in the queue to get your ice cream, but it’s mostly organic, there are a lot of vegan specials, and it’s fabulous! (And the vendors are just lovely.)

Favourite flavour: A combination of poppy seed and raspberry – So delicious!
I hope for peanut chocolate to come back, it was the best.


Enjoy your ice cream and have a great summer!

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