Fresh. Frozen. Focaccine.

I’m looking ahead to a week of hours and hours and hours of university. So I prepared Focaccine. Little folded pizzas. Perfect to go.

I’m pretty sure you won’t find any frozen pizza in the grocery store which is as tasty as those little gems.

I found the original recipe here. But actually, I only prepared half of the really nice and smooth dough with dry yeast instead of fresh one, made my own filling and left out the garlic oil. (Which I am sure is really good, but who wants to smell like garlic at university?)

For the dough, you need:

250 g wheat dough
150 g cold water
1 1/2 tablespoons olive oil
3-4 g dry yeast
7 g salt

Knead a normal yeast dough. I do that by hand – I know some people use the mixer, but I don’t. Papa taught me to knead yeast dough and I do that and it’s always great. Let it rise for about 3 hours.payday loans (Punch it down in between.)
Divide it in 4 to 5 dough balls and let them rise again for some minutes.

Roll every single dough ball out and top it with everything you like on pizza. I made two different toppings. But you always need tomato sauce and oregano.

Wouldn’t be a pizza without it.

And then, how about tomatoes and mozzarella?

Really simple.
But this is my favourite: Spinach.

And feta. And, really important, freshly grated pepper.

And olives, of course.

I already told you about the best pizza in this world here. But now the best of all pizzas is a sandwich – Brilliant!

Now, you can fold your focaccine.

Oh, and preheat your oven to 200° C. (390° F)

Brush the focaccine with olive oil.

And then, bake them. For about 15 minutes until pretty and brown.

That’s it. Unfortunately, I can’t show you the baked inside because after cooling, I immediately froze them. Now they are waiting to be my yummy packed lunch. And that’s how you can make yourself look forward to a long day of university courses.

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  1. IamSimplyTia says:

    Beautiful job on these…they look just amazing.

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