Grab your luck at the tail fin!

Have a happy new year! And watch out – I’m always afraid of getting some banger at my head.

To give away as lucky charms, I baked those Lucky Fish.

They’re actually the same sweet buns I presented you here, but in fish shape. I don’t know if eating fish is traditional elsewhere, but here, in my family, it’s tradition to eat those Manner Lucky Fish at New Year’s Day. I think it comes from the tradition to eat a real fish for dinner on New Year’s Eve. You have to start eating at the tail fin (because your luck can’t swim away, then).
This year, I made lucky fish myself – they’re a perfect lucky charm to give away. I don’t like lucky charms that have no use – they’re just something I put somewhere for two months and then throw away. But I like them when you can eat them like chocolate ladybirds or marzipan pigs or when they’re a plant, that’s nice, too.

That’s why I made my own lucky charms that you can eat – they’re tasty and nice and look how cute they are!

Go have a nice party tonight. Actually, I don’t like New Year’s Eve, it’s too loud, people are too drunk, there’s too much going on in the streets and you are kind of obligated to go out (to see drunk people being too loud and too many). But, well – because of my obligation to go out I’ll try to forget about this and have fun.
2010 is going to be awesome – I feel it. Hope you do, too.

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One Response to Grab your luck at the tail fin!

  1. myluckytown says:

    Whoa! Awesome buns! And in a fish-shape. Very clever :) They look very yummy!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog btw :) Getting a header on your blog is easy. You only got to choose a layout that has custome header avaliable and then it’s easy to upload it. Lemme know if you want any help one day ;)

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