Quick and Easy: Grilled Pepper Bread.

Sometimes, I’m craving pizza, but I’m neither in the mood nor have time to prepare a nice dough that needs time to rise. I want something crispy to bite in – Now! And that’s the beginning of the story of Grilled Paprica Bread.

Grilled Paprica Bread - Closeup

All you need is bought flatbread, tomato puree, pickled bell pepper and feta.

If you prepare this for more than one person, just buy a big flatbread – You can get it in every Turkish grocery store.

Plain Flatbread

When I make it for me and myself only, I take little flatbreads. I found those at IKEA! You can buy them frozen in their food store.
Anyway, top your flatbread with tomato puree or home-made tomato sauce. (For my lovely company for dinner, I prepared fresh tomato sauce. But if you want to keep it simple and quick, just take tomato puree.)

Flatbread and Tomato Puree

And then, put pickled bell pepper on top. This is also something I find in my Turkish grocery store, but I already found it in several other shops as well. I always rinse them a bit after taking them out of their jar, because I’d like to have a bit less vinegar taste on them.

And then: Feta. Of course. Please, don’t take any other cheese, it’s the combination of pepper and feta – Nothing else. 

Flatbread, Paprica and Feta

For me, there comes a lot of grated pepper on top and then, those lovely breads are ready for the oven.

Flatbread, Paprica, Feta and Pepper

And they are done when they look like this:

Grilled Paprica Bread

Bite in! And enjoy.

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