Where to Eat: Hafenjunge

Hafenjunge outside

Hafenjunge: One of our favourite places to have a chat. T and I were allured in particular by the Astra beer when we went there the first time, but we came back because of the cosy atmosphere. 

The tavern in the Esterhazygasse is not hard to find – A bright blue anchor shows you the way. You can buy drinks, snacks, sweets and all kinds of products with a lot of Hamburgian air. I especially love the wonderful postcards and the maritime dishes.

Hafenjunge inside 1As already mentioned: There’s Astra, the best Hamburgian beer. When you’re not a fan, you can also have Jever, Flensburger or Horny Betty. If not in the mood for an alcoholic drink at all, you can chose between Club-Mate, Fritz Kola, Fritz Limo, coffee, tea and more. Our beloved Astra costs 2,90 €.

Hafenjunge Astra

But there are also snacks, if you chose the right day and time to visit. On Mondays, you can have “Franzbrötchen” – I drool over those photos on Facebook every one in a while. Sadly, I never get to eat this lovely cinnamon sugar bakery because I’m never able to get there on Mondays. You can even order special versions (like chocolate or cherries). Sometimes, there’s cake, and recently a certain “Fräulein Gitte” seems to come by often and brings all kinds of treats and toast. The Hafenjunge Facebook page always provides reliable information about current food and events.

I finally was able to try a Hafenjunge Hot Dog, which has been on my list for a long time, since you don’t get a lot of Hot Dogs in Vienna which can also be ordered as vegetarian ones. And there are even two Hot Dog versions: “St. Pauli” with coleslaw, mustard and sesame, and “Altona” with pickled gherkin, dried roast onions, mustard and ketchup.

Hafenjunge Altona Hot Dog

I chose the Altona Hot Dog (vegetarian) and it was great. I especially loved the bread roll – Not a slack cotton-like roll but a crunchy whitebread roll with floury crust. Really tasty! For a Hot Dog, you pay 3,50 €, which is a very acceptable price for a remarkably good snack.

You can sit comfortably for a long time in Hafenjunge without being bothered. Especially noteworthy is also the music that’s always playing in the tavern, because T and I are everytime pleased with the wonderful playlist. Good taste in sound and vision. We will come back again and again because I just don’t have anything negative to say.

Hafenjunge inside 2

Characteristic: Hamburgian air in cosy and nice atmosphere. Sometimes livingroom concert events!

AmbienceinfoAlso called: atmosphere, feelgood factor, vibe. ★★★★★
Look/TasteinfoHow does the food look – And does it taste like that too? ★★★★★
Value for MoneyinfoWhat do I get for how much money? ★★★★☆
Service KindnessinfoEven in self-service restaurants, people can be friendly or unfriendly. That’s what this is about. ★★★★★
StyleinfoShabby or shabby chic? ★★★☆☆

Address: Esterhazygasse 11, 1060 Vienna
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 5pm-9pm

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