New Sight.

I moved.

The first thing I put in my new flat was a plant. I wanted to have something that’s alive in there.

I feel a sense of home there. Things moved with me – I loved them in my parent’s kitchen and now I love them even more in mine.

When we were done, Dad came over for a beer. It felt great having a beer with Dad in my own home.

And Mum visited to have breakfast with me. I cooked:  We ate rice pudding, just like we did in Hamburg. (And it was absolutely yummy! Wait for the recipe!)

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for my parents. I still would live in a complete mess without them. I would be a complete mess without them. They’re absolutely great – I don’t know anyone that has that awesome parents. I’m proud to have them.

But I can also be alone in my home. It’s comfy.

I love my kitchen because now I can cook everything I’ve always wanted to try. Yesterday, I had an exam in the evening. So, I made mood food for lunch. A big fluffy pancake for my own.

And for the brain, I topped it with roasted cashews, pecans and banana slices. With honey.

Oh yes.

And when I came home after some hours of university, it was awfully cold. Winter’s coming. So, I made soup.

I love cooking soup. Calming.

And I love cooking curries. And other stuff. And I will show you a lot of it in the future! Stay tuned!

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