Melting. Dessert.

Still looking for a great dessert, maybe for Valentine’s Day? So let’s make yummy Melting Chocolate Mini-Cakes.

They are soft and melting inside. This dessert is chocolatey, it’s yummy and it’s best with spicy orange sauce and vanilla ice cream. Continue reading

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Savoy Surprise.

I love to cook simple things that require only one pot. But sometimes, I try out new things that seem to take some effort to make. And then I realize: It’s simply cooking. You maybe have to do some more dishes, but it’s not much more difficult. It’s more fun. Let’s make Savoy Packets.

They’re not only fun to make, they also taste delicious. Continue reading

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Little Things in 2011.

The first week of the new year is almost over. It took me that long to find my 10 favourite photos in 2011.

I’m still not sure if those are really the right ones. But almost.

Continue reading

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Happy New Year.

It’s New Year’s Eve already. Wow.

I will see some friends this evening. But right now, I’m still sitting here with hair curlers and preparing myself mentally to go out. It’s so loud out there.

I’ll bring bread and Lucky Piglets.

Just have as much fun as you would have if it wasn’t New Year’s Eve. See your friends. See your family. Do that the whole year. Change your life tomorrow it you want to. And if you want to change it in the middle of June, do that then.

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Silent Night.

It’s Christmas Eve! Are you prepared?

I love my new Christmas tree decoration. It’s from Stockholm. It was the last thing to hang on the tree. I’m ready… Continue reading

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Christmas Time.

It’s the fourth Sunday of Advent. Christmas is coming! Christmas time means inviting friends over.

For wine and biscuits. Continue reading

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A whole lot of Christmas biscuits.

It was Biscuit Baking Day again. And we baked a lot of biscuits. A whole lot.

I have a lovely filled biscuit tin. Interested in our biscuit varieties? Be prepared for a whole lot of yummy biscuit photos. Continue reading

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Fresh. Frozen. Focaccine.

I’m looking ahead to a week of hours and hours and hours of university. So I prepared Focaccine. Little folded pizzas. Perfect to go.

I’m pretty sure you won’t find any frozen pizza in the grocery store which is as tasty as those little gems. Continue reading

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Dad’s Day.

Happy birthday, Daddy! I hope you still have a piece of your Malakoff Cake left.

Since we’re living apart now, we celebrated Dad’s birthday on Sunday. Continue reading

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Plain Vanilla.

You know I love Christmas time, right? I love it. It’s cosy. It’s comforting. It smells like Vanilla Crescents.

Vanilla crescents are simple. Plain vanilla biscuits. Continue reading

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