Palatable Potatoes.

There are lot of things that don’t look as good as they are – This also applies to one of my favourite dishes: Aubergine Potato Pan with Herb Yoghurt Dip. 

This dish is so simple yet so good. You can season it just to your taste – Almost everything works. As you may assume, you need an aubergine, potatoes and yoghurt. Also onions, spring onions, spices and herbs. And then, just dice everything. (Here’s a more printable version of the recipe.)

First, put oil in a really hot, non-stick pan. I love sesame oil with it. Then, roast spices! For me, it’s cumin, a bit of turmeric and curry. Then add the onions and the potatoes. Those need a while, about 15 minutes. You can already put salt in there.

Then, add the aubergine. Takes another 15 minutes.

I wanted to have some more veggies, so I also put zucchini in there – But it’s better with aubergine only. Don’t forget the salt and pepper!

Now what’s the big deal about the herb yoghurt dip? It’s simple: Put as many herbs as you like in a bowl of yoghurt. I absolutely love ewe’s milk yoghurt - It’s great with savoury dishes. And I love coriander, parsley, dill and spring onions in there. I also like to grate pepper in.

Now when your pan is ready to serve, remind everyone to put a really, really big scoop of yoghurt dip on their hot plate of Aubergine Potato Pan – You may think you don’t like this but it will be heaven in your mouth!

Have a glass of white wine and beloved company with that. Perfect!

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