Where to Eat: Pure Living Bakery Downtown

The weather in Vienna was just great lately – It was time to sit in the sun and have coffee and cake. This time, T (who seems to become my steady co-reviewer and that’s great) and I visited the Pure Living Bakery Downtown.

Pure Living Bakery Downtown

The Pure Living Bakery opened in the 13th district in 2007, but recently, they opened a subsidiary in Burggasse (1070). And from university, it just takes you some minutes to get there. 

The first thing we were absolutely thrilled about was the interior design. Inspired by furniture shops and coffee shops in the USA, the inside of the café is extremely pretty, and we really thought a while about staying inside instead of sitting in the sun.

Pure Living Bakery Downtown Inside

But the perfect blue sky lured us outside to sit at one of the many tables there. They look lovely because the chairs are all mixed together with different style and different colours. Only the ugly sprayed walls do not quite fit into the picture.


You have to order and pay food and drink inside and then, someone will get it to your table. The choice is huge, there’s everything a hungry foodie could wish for: From coffee varieties and milkshakes to cakes, cookies, pancakes and savoury sandwiches as well as bagels. Also tea, beer and my beloved Fritz Kola is offered.


But we chose quickly this time: T decided to have the opulently looking Chocolate Banana Cake (3,80 €) and an Iced Caffé Latte (4,20 €) and I just had to try the Blueberry Cheesecake (3,80 €) and an Iced Cappuccino (3,90 €) with it.

Our coffee was served immediately and tasted great. (In the menu it says that it’s from roasting facility “Elbgold” in Hamburg.) It was just a little bit strange that the iced coffee is served in a normal cup – Never seen that before, but well, it didn’t change the good taste.

Iced Cappuccino

But our cakes just didn’t make it on our table. After brooding over that for a quarter of an hour (How can a cake that’s already baked and on display take longer than fresh coffee?), we decided to just ask – And found out that they had forgotten us! I was glad I had ordered iced coffee because hot one would have been really cold at the time finally had my cake with it. But it wasn’t hard to forgive that because the nice waitress apologised nicely and was in general very friendly. (The guy inside wasn’t that kind, we were asked twice in less than 5 minutes if we had already made up our minds.)


T’s chocolate banana cake (a brownie with banana chocolate cream and vanilla pudding with caramel sauce on top) was as opulently chocolatey as it looked. Too much for me, but a real treat for chocolate lovers. (I tried the vanilla pudding and it was really good.)


But my blueberry cheesecake was a bit disappointing. I had high expectations after sticking my fork in it, because the consistency promised an absolutely fluffy cake. And it was fluffly, but not more than that. I missed the blueberry taste and the cheesecake taste – It just tasted like the doughy bottom crust. And the crust was good, but that taste was not what I expected from a “Blueberry Cheesecake”.


After sitting two hours in the lovely atmosphere of a side road of Burggasse, our cakes were gone and we thought about trying one of the smoothies on the menu which have lovely names like “Boboville” and “The Exotic Monkey”. But the horrendous prices (5,90 – 6,20 €) for a little bit of fruit kept us from doing it.
I really don’t think the sweet treats are too expensive – Certainly not a price to go there every day, but for a special afternoon in great atmosphere, lovely staff and good products, it’s worth the cost. But the “mix specialities”, smoothies and other snacks demand one’s purse a bit too much. Also, the coffee is really small for a Starbucks price category.

Altogether, it was a really nice visit – And we’re looking forward to the opening of Ice Dream Factory which will share the shop with Pure Living Bakery Downtown. We’ll come again then!

Characteristic: Perfect interior design with products from the USA, UK, Denmark and the Netherlands.

AmbienceinfoAlso called: atmosphere, feelgood factor, vibe. ★★★★☆
Look/TasteinfoHow does the food look – And does it taste like that too? ★★★☆☆
Value for MoneyinfoWhat do I get for how much money? ★★☆☆☆
Service KindnessinfoEven in self-service restaurants, people can be friendly or unfriendly. That’s what this is about. ★★★☆☆
StyleinfoShabby or shabby chic? ★★★★★

Address: Burggasse 68, 1070 Vienna
Opening hours: (for Pure Living Bakery Downtown only) Monday – Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday, Sunday and holidays 10am-8pm

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