Chard ‘n’ Apple Pizza

I love pizza with a thin crust. If you have another recipe, just use that – But I think the thin crust fits perfectly with the topping.
For my dough, you need
200 g flour
130 ml water
5 g yeast
1 tablespoon olive oil

Make yeast dough as usual. When it’s ready, roll it out very thin.

For the topping, you need
a bit sour cream
300 g chard, washed, cut in slices and boiled in salted water
1 onion
1 sourly apple
90 g mozzarella
oregano, thyme, salt and pepper

Of course, you can use more or less of those ingredients or vary in your choice of cheese. Do as you like. When you’re done with the topping, bake the pizza at 250° C / 480° F in a preheated oven. For about15 minutes, but you’ll see if it’s enough.

And then, enjoy! 

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