Upside Down.

I am still waiting for the keys to my new home – but it’s not going to take long anymore! Until then, I can bake at home with Mum. This pie was teamwork. And this pie is a September pie – Apples taste absolutely great now! So we made Upside Down Apple Pie.

It’s really quick, easy and oh, tasty!

I found the recipe on a lovely german blog and knew I had to make it. I just changed it that it would fit in my mini springform which has a diameter of 18 cms.

You need apples (of course). So many that the apple slices you cut cover the bottom of the springform. (Which you have greased before, of course. Or you use baking paper.) I needed one big and one very small apple.

You can already preheat the oven because you will be finished really soon. 180° C (360 ° F), please.

And on top of those apples, you can put the dough which is made of

2 eggs
80 g butter
80 g sugar
80 g flour
a pinch of salt

mixed together.

Spread it evenly on top of the apples and put the spring form for 30 minutes in the preheated oven.

Take it out, let it cool a bit and turn it around. Dust with sugar.

Enjoy! Enjoy September.

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2 Responses to Upside Down.

  1. Just wonderful. Such a simple cake, but so satisfying. This sort of thing is my favourite to bake.

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