Where to Eat: Café Würfel Zucker – Salzburg

Outside - Würfel Zucker

If you have the chance, you should pay a visit to Salzburg in the Christmas season. But when you’re there and it’s raining cats and dogs and you freeze off your toes, get in a pretty place and warm up. We followed some signs at the „Sternadventmarkt“ and found the lovely Café Würfel Zucker („sugar cube“). It promises homemade “natural” strudels and warmth inside.

We’re hungry for a little snack and the menu offers a wide range of choices. Sandwiches, savoury croissants and salads. Because we can’t decide, we have to ask the waiter twice to come back later. But he’s absolutely sympathetic and tells us to take as much time as we need. No rush. That’s nice.

Snacks - Würfel Zucker

In the end, we decide for a ham and cheese sandwich with mixed salad for € 5,80 and a pretzel with butter for € 2,80. Good decision! The sandwich is made from dark toasted bread with yummy filling and the salad isn’t just garnishment, it’s a nice fresh fancy salad. The pretzel is simpler, but not less tasty: It’s fresh, warm and fluffy inside and a special treat with Salzburgian butter.

But that’s not all. The cafe refers to its menu as „strudels and more“. So we just have to try the strudels. Besides, outside it’s still raining, so we have time. Dessert time. We choose the classic, apple strudel with vanilla sauce, and the strudel of the day with blueberry and quark filling.
And we need some hot beverage with those. There are so many varieties of hot chocolates and coffee, but also the choice of tea is not small. We decide for hot dark chocolate with cream and a large coffee with milk. It’s served in famous „Gmundner Porzellan“ and the coffee is really large – But you also could say that about the price: € 4,50. Almost the same for the hot chocolate: € 4,60. Our strudels cost € 4,90 and € 3,70. If you live in Vienna and see the prices for classic apple strudel in the inner city every day, that’s absolutely alright.

Strudel - Würfel Zucker

And to tell you the truth: Here, I am willing to pay a higher price for the great ambience. We’re directly in the inner city, but it’s still quiet and secluded. It’s like a warm cellar, an anticlinal arch, and it’s cosy because there is no space for a lot of people (and you’re not allowed to smoke inside). The waiter stayed as friendly as he was in the beginning and wasn’t intrusive at all. A big family at the next table had a more complicated order, but he explained every ingredient of every dish with as much patience as you can imagine.
I will come back!

Hot Chocolate - Würfel Zucker

Characteristic: A bit pricey Strudel specialities and snacks in the old town of Salzburg, but still non-touristic cosiness.

AmbienceinfoAlso called: atmosphere, feelgood factor, vibe. ★★★★★
Look/TasteinfoHow does the food look – And does it taste like that too? ★★★★★
Value for MoneyinfoWhat do I get for how much money? ★★★☆☆
Service KindnessinfoEven in self-service restaurants, people can be friendly or unfriendly. That’s what this is about. ★★★★★
StyleinfoShabby or shabby chic? ★★★★☆

Address: 5020 Salzburg, Getreidegasse 36 (atrium of „Sternbräugasthof“)
Opening hours: Wednesday-Friday 9am-6pm, Monday and Tuesday closed

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  1. Sylvia W says:

    FYI – in order not to miss this wonderful place, please be aware that due to the renovation of the historic Sternbrau – the cafe has moved to Griessgasse 13 – not far around the corner from it’s former location……

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