Where to Eat: Wulfisch

On the corner of Vienna’s Karmelitermarkt you can find a bright blue VW camper van in front of a little snack bar called Wulfisch. In there, fans of Hamburg, the North Sea or just of fish are going to be satisfied. 

You can choose between a variety of North Sea specialities: Crab salads, crawfish salads, mackerels, young herrings (“Matjes”), sprats, rollmops and smoked fish. The counter is small, but the choice is wide. Almost everything in the range can be bought to go or to eat in – In a wrap or in a bread roll.

Friendly, but quite chilly, the ingredients of all the different salad varieties were explained to us and we got plenty of time to choose. Finally, I decided to eat “Matjes rot/red”, which is a red “Matjes”-salad with apple pieces, onions and red cabbage, in a wrap. And with it, I had – What else could it be? – an “Astra” beer, which is typical for Hamburg.

However, fans of “Fritz Kola” will be happy at Wulfisch, too – They do not only have the coke but also some of the lemonade varieties of the North German brand.

The price range of the menu at Wulfisch is perfectly reasonable – My (beautiful) wrap was enough for a small lunch and, for a price of € 3,50, within my student budget. Think about the great health benefits of eating fish! The Astra was a bit higher in the price – It costed exactly as munch as the food.

If you stay to eat, you can also enjoy the great ambience: On Karmelitermarkt, everyone seems to know each other – People come in, greet and get on their way again. Inside Wulfisch, you can feel like being on a little vacation: Crew as well as customers seem to be North German without exceptions – I felt like eating at Port of Hamburg. Nice!

Dear vegetarians: Unfortunately, there’s only one thing to eat for you on the menu and that’s a hummus wrap or roll. But I’m never against hummus, actually – So what about this and an Astra with it?

Characteristic : Hamburg atmosphere in the Viennese 2nd district.

AmbienceinfoAlso called: atmosphere, feelgood factor, vibe. ★★★★☆
Look/TasteinfoHow does the food look – And does it taste like that too? ★★★★★
Value for MoneyinfoWhat do I get for how much money? ★★★★☆
Service KindnessinfoEven in self-service restaurants, people can be friendly or unfriendly. That’s what this is about. ★★★☆☆
StyleinfoShabby or shabby chic? ★★★★★

Address: 1020 Vienna, Haidgasse 5
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 11am-8pm , SA 10am-3pm

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