Winter Veggies.

It’s getting cold again. (Even after I already welcomed spring on our Facebook page.)
I’m not happy, but well – Let’s make use of those days and have a last serving of the great winter vegetables that the cold season brings.

For example, sweet potatoes

baked Sweet Potatoes

And beetroot. But what can you do with a raw piece of beetroot?

Beetroot raw with salt

I tell you what you do: Salt and aluminium foil. Wrap it in there and make yourself a pretty little present.

Beetroot in aluminium foil

Put it in the oven at high heat and wait. For at least half an hour. It can be way more, but if you have time, it’s ok – Nothing will happen to the beetroot, it’s safe in its foil cloak. And its flavor is safe in there, too.

Then, you can unwrap your little beetroot package, peel the thing – it will be easy now it’s cooked, but watch your hands and your clothes, this red will never fade again – and do with it what you want.
Like a simple, great and pretty Beetroot Salad.

Beetroot Salad

And what about the sweet potatoes? Well, have your own sweet potato chips with your salad. Chop a sweet potato and season it with salt, pepper and what you like – I prefer Garam Masala, it’s great.

Sweet Potato Chips

And put those in the oven, too, until they’re evenly trough.

So simple, yet so delicious. That’s how you can enjoy the rest of winter.

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